Add Initiatives

Initiatives describe the objectives and projects that must be completed to achieve each Goal. These projects should guide employee’s typical, daily labor so that it upholds the company’s or program’s mission. Initiatives are the vehicles that achieve goals and turn the program and company visions into reality.

Initiatives can be added at the program and company levels. Program-level initiatives should be aligned to the company-level Initiatives they support. Relate initiatives with associated program and company-level goals, as well.

Company Level

Organizations have multiple opportunities and problems that need attention. Initiatives can help you consider project candidates and then prioritize and allocate resources for the projects that are deemed essential in a strategy’s successful implementation.

Typically, initiatives are not single-silo projects. Often, they activate cross-functional competencies and aim at closing a performance gap. When you create Initiatives, keep in mind the leap that the organization wants to make–the gap that is being closed.

Program Level

Initiatives assist program managers to plan and implement the interdepartmental projects that support the program’s goals. Program managers can link different steps of the related processes and data-related assets to track progress and formalize accountability across the different working parts of the organization.

Company Leaders Need to Know:

  • How does the initiative contribute to the success of the program?
  • How does the initiatives contribute to the success of the related company initiatives?
  • Why is the initiative the best way to achieve the program’s success?
  • Who is accountable for the data-related assets associated with the initiative?

Data Stewards Need to Know:

  • How does work on this Initiative contribute to the program and to the company?
  • What other teams, data stewards, and SMEs must collaborate to accomplish the initiative?
  • How does this work fit in to existing workloads and processes?

By providing corporate leadership and data stewards with the information they need to understand a program’s scope and impact, Initiatives help build a cohesive culture dedicated to supporting and implementing that program.

Add Initiatives

To add initiatives to your company or program strategy:

  1. Select the Strategy to which you are adding the Initiative from the Strategy drop-down.
  2. Click the Initiatives tab.
  3. Do one of the following:

    • If this is the first Initiative added to the Strategy, click the Click Here To Get Started link.
    • If one or more initiatives have been added, click the Pencil () icon, and then click New Initiative.

  4. Enter a Summary of the Initiative.
  5. Enter a detailed Description of the Initiative.
  6. Do one of the following:

    • For a program level initiative, click the Select a Company Level Initiative... drop-down to select an initiative.

      NOTE: Once selected, the link opens the details of the roll-up initiative. This program level initiative is displayed on the company level initiative.

    • For a company level initiative, you can view the program level initiatives that are associated with this initiative in the Contains Program Initiatives panel.

  7. Select a Status for the Initiative from the drop-down. Values are:

    • In Process - Currently being carried out
    • Pending Start - Awaiting decision to begin
    • At Risk - May not be achieved as described or within the timeframe set
    • Abandoned - Discontinued with no further interest
    • Achieved - Accomplished or brought to a successful end
  8. Enter a Start Date and End Date for the Initiative.

    NOTE: Start Date must be earlier than End Date. Otherwise the Initiative cannot be saved.

  9. In the Related Goals panel, click the pencil () icon and select a related goal from the guidance panel to add to the initiative.

  10. Click Save.

If the initiative is in Review or Accepted status, and you are not a sponsor of the initiative, you can be an additional endorser of the initiative by clicking the Add Your Endorsement icon. Your name is added to the Additional Endorsers list.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can contest an initiative. Refer to Contest an asset for more information. Refer to Sponsor an Asset for details about the asset endorsement process such as how it affects the asset’s status.

Next, you can:

To edit an Initiative:

  1. Click the Initiatives tab on the strategy homepage.
  2. Click the Initiative to edit.
  3. Edit the Initiative as needed.
  4. Click Save.