Add a Mission

Effective mission statements focus on passions and values, instilling a sense of connection to the company or program’s purpose. If the mission statement is achieved, then the vision statement is that much closer to being achieved. Mission statements provide a broad statement of what the company or program aims to accomplish and the stakeholders who will be affected by the mission’s achievement.

Company Level

The purpose of a company-level mission statement is to set a short-term focal point that helps stakeholders understand how their daily work is going to fit into the bigger problem that the company is looking to solve over the course of the next year.

An effective company mission statement may address many questions:

  • What opportunities or needs does our company address?
  • How do we address these opportunities and needs?
  • Who are we serving?
  • What unique value do we provide customers?

The language used to construct a mission statement should be:

  • Short—employees should be able to recall the mission statement like a proverb or a quote.
  • Simple—simple, concrete language; how people speak in everyday life.
  • Operative—direct about what you do and what you don’t do.

Program Level

The purpose of a program-level mission statement is to demonstrate how the program intends to contribute to the company’s current mission.

Program mission statements will change as they are achieved, and they should support the program’s vision. If the program’s mission is achieved, then the vision can expand to encompass the next step for the program.

Components of a program-level mission statement are:

  • The most important functions, operations, outcomes, and offerings of the program.
  • Key stakeholders and how they will contribute to implementing the mission.
  • How the program-level Mission aligns to the company-level mission.

The language to construct a program-level mission statement should be:

  • Specific—employees should be able to tell exactly what the program is and what it accomplishes.
  • Simple—not too technical; easy for all stakeholders to understand and support.

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