Add a User Account

Administrators can add a user account to the Knowledge Platform and assign one of the following four permissions, depending on the access required:

  • Author—Can view, edit and delete data in the Knowledge Platform, but cannot access Administrator functionality.
  • Administrator—Has all permissions as an Author, plus can also add, edit, deactivate and activate user accounts, sites and categories.
  • Business Admin—Has all the permissions as an Author, plus can also add, edit and delete categories and category values.

  • Viewer—Has read-only access to assets.

NOTE: To access the Knowledge Platform, all users must have the correct group in their enterprise idP or a user account in the Knowledge Platform.

NOTE: Before a user can be created, the domain of the email address associated with the user’s account must be whitelisted by Syniti. If the domain has not been whitelisted, an error message displays when trying to create a new user account. Contact Syniti Support at to request a domain be whitelisted.

Users can change certain settings for their own accounts from the About Me tab on the Administration menu. Refer to Update About Me for more information.