Migration Dashboards

NOTE: Migration dashboards are only available to Syniti Knowledge Platform tenants in North America.

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The Syniti Knowledge Platform has leveraged world-class Business Intelligence and newly acquired technology to integrate data from the Stewardship Tier's ADM solution with dashboards that are embedded in the Knowledge Platform.

The suite of dashboards provides project status information at a level of detail that supports the needs of different stakeholders.

Dashboards can be filtered by:

  • Wave
  • Process Area
  • Planning Group
  • Object Owner

This allows project managers to drive team status meetings using the dashboards.

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To view the Migration Dashboards, you must:

  • Have access to the Stewardship Tier, version 7.2 or above.
  • Enable 3rd-party cookies in your browser settings.
  • Have your user persona set to Migration. Refer to Update About Me for more information

View the Migration Dashboards

To navigate the dashboards:

  1. To leave the dashboard and access another component, click the Profile menu, perform a search or use the Jump To links.
  2. To return to the dashboards from anywhere in the Knowledge Platform, click the Syniti logo in the upper left.
  3. To access different dashboards, click the name of the dashboard at the top of the page to select another dashboard from the list box.

To drill into specific data in a dashboard:

  1. Click the dashboard’s tab to navigate to the dashboard.
  2. Click to select a chart.
  3. Scroll left, right, up or down to view data associated with the dashboard.

To set a dashboard as the default to display each time you open your dashboards:

  1. Select the dashboard you want to set as your default from the list box.
  2. Click the Make Default checkbox.

NOTE: A wave’s data for a migration dashboard will not display if the current date is one month or later past the End Date set on the Waves Vertical View in the Stewardship Tier.


Executive Summary

The Executive Summary Dashboard provides senior stakeholders with a high-level overview of all of the projects.

Milestone Reporting

The Milestone Reporting Dashboard provides project and program managers with the ability to track design, mapping, and build activities against the agreed-upon project scope and completion thresholds. This ensures deviations from the plan can be identified early and addressed accordingly.

Object Status

The Object Status Dashboard provides project managers with visual indicators to help them assess whether the project is going according to plan, and it also provides detailed status metrics.

The Object Status Dashboard includes the reports:

  • Object Detail
  • Object Target Detail
  • Object Target Source Detail

If issues with an Object's status are identified, lower-level Target table information can be accessed, and in cases where data is being migrated from multiple data sources, it's also possible to drill into the metrics associated with specific Sources.

ADM Concepts

To support the new Migration Dashboards capability, the Stewardship Tier 7.2 version has introduced new concepts and functionality:

  • Planning GroupsBreak the migration project into more manageable blocks of work.
  • Object Planning DataGroup Objects together for planning purposes.
  • MilestonesCreate project goals to help track a project’s progress through migration activities.

To ensure the dashboards deliver accurate information, Project Managers and Consultants alike must actively manage planning- and status-related information in ADM. Project Managers must ensure that Objects have been updated with the latest planning data. Syniti recommends that the project is broken down into a series of milestones that enable regular checkpoints against comprehensive project status goals. Through their daily use of ADM, consultants working on the migration project play a key role in ensuring that metrics are current and accurate.

Refer to Configure Data Migration Cloud Dashboards in the Stewardship Tier online help for more information.

Planning Groups

Planning Groups are assigned to Waves and are used to group together Objects for planning purposes. This allows a migration project to be broken down into smaller sections of work.

A Wave can be assigned one or more planning groups, with each planning group having target start and completion dates for Design, Mapping and Build activities. Refer to Manage Planning Groups in the Stewardship Tier online help for more information.

Object Planning Data

For more granular tracking of an Object’s status through Design, Mapping and Build activities, an Object can be assigned a Planning Group. This allows the planning dates from the planning group to be inherited. Alternatively, dates for a specific object can be maintained, allowing project managers to tightly track progress. Refer to Manage Planning Data in the Stewardship Tier online help for more information.


Milestones are used to create project goals related to the Design, Mapping and Build of the migration solution based upon specific dates. Through the assignment of Planning Groups, the Objects associated with a specific milestone can be defined. The scope of which objects are included in a milestone is based upon the Planning Groups assigned to the milestone. Refer to Manage Migration Milestones in the Stewardship Tier online help for more information.

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