Deactivate or Activate a User Account

If a user has left your company or has moved to a role where they no longer need access to the Knowledge Tier, deactivate their account. Once deactivated, the user cannot log into the Knowledge Tier, be assigned to assets or be included in the review process; however, their account will still be available if it needs to be activated at a later date. Users whose accounts are reactivated have the same permissions as when their account was deactivated.

NOTE: If you have access to multiple Knowledge Tier tenants and your account is deactivated for one of the tenants, your access is only removed for that tenant; you are still able to access the other tenants.

Administrators can deactivate and activate user accounts; however, they are unable to deactivate or activate their own accounts. If an Administrator must be deactivated, another administrator must perform the task.

Deactivated accounts are marked throughout the Knowledge Tier in several ways:

  • The user’s name is appended with “(Inactive)” in all areas where user names are displayed, such as Sponsors lists, Assigned To lists, in bulk update and in search facets and results. Use the hover tooltip to view the full name in an event the appending text causes the name to extend beyond view.

  • The user’s name displays in grey (versus blue for active accounts) on the Accounts page and across the Knowledge Tier

  • The avatar is white for deactivated accounts as opposed to a blue avatar for active accounts

To deactivate or activate a user account:

  1. Click User Accounts in the Guidance panel.


  1. Click the Accounts tab on the Administration menu.

  2. Click a user account to either deactivate or activate.

NOTE: Deactivated user accounts are appended with “(Inactive)” and are in a gray color font to easily identify.

  1. Use the Active toggle to deactivate or activate a user account.

  2. Click Save; the account fields are now read-only. Activate the account to update the user’s account information.

Once the administrator has deactivated a user account, they then must