How to Use Syniti Knowledge Platform Help

Assistance in the Syniti Knowledge Platform is provided at three levels: field level, page level and online help. Syniti wants to provide information where and when it’s required, using the appropriate level of detail and making it easy to access.

This short video displays basic navigation.

Field Help

Hover over a help icon to view the help for that field.

Field help gives you the clarity you need to complete immediate tasks on a page without having to click away or read too much.

NOTE: Fields that are self explanatory or assumed to be known by the user do not have field-level help.

Page Help

Page-level help provides context, detailed steps and conceptual background related to the page that is open.

Click the Page help icon to access page-level help.

Online Help

This help system included with Knowledge Platform contains topics that describe:

  • Tasks that users perform using the components and solutions
  • Tasks and processes that the components perform
  • Technical configuration and other tasks that must be completed before users can work in each component

Navigate Online Help

Once the online help opens, a Welcome topic displays. To return to this page at any time in your session, click the Syniti logo in the top left corner of the page.

To find a specific topic in this help system, use the search bar. Refer to Online Help Search Tips for more information. Otherwise topics that describe tasks that the user performs or that the product performs display in a right side menu.

Access the landing page for help for each component of the Syniti Knowledge Platform through the Products menu.

Back to Top

To return to the top of any page, click the Top button that appears in the bottom right of a page when scrolling.

Close Online Help

Close the popup window to close the online help.


To print a topic, click the Print icon on the toolbar.

Remove Highlights

Click the Remove Highlights button next to the Print icon on the toolbar to remove highlighted search words from a topic's text.

Footer Links

The following elements are available in the footer of every topic:

  • Links to Syniti's Terms of Use, Trademarks and Privacy Policy

  • Links to Contact Support, Access the Product Ideas Portal and Request Product Training

  • A link to the Knowledge Base


Use the feedback buttons at the bottom of each topic to send feedback about the online help content for the current topic.

When you click the Send Feedback about this topic button, the email associated with your browser opens. Enter feedback in the email body, and click Send. The feedback is sent to the Documentation team.