Online Help Search Tips

To search help, enter a search term, and click the Search icon, which is the magnifying glass on the Page toolbar.

The search results display. The matching results show how many times the term is mentioned. A link to each of the topics containing the search term displays.

Use quotes around multiple word search terms (for example, “data source”) to view the topics that contain the exact phrase.

When a topic is opened from the Search Results page, the search term is highlighted. To turn off highlighting, click the Remove Highlights icon next to the Print icon in the page toolbar.

Use Ctrl+F to search in the current topic.

Search terms are not case sensitive and include matches with variant endings. For example, a search for "Custom Dashboarding" returns "Custom Dashboards Overview" and "Custom Dashboards 101."

The following Boolean operators are also allowed:

  • AND
  • OR
  • ()

NOTE: Use parentheses to combine search terms with Boolean operators. For example, search for scenario and (tasks or roles) to return a list of topics containing the terms scenario and either the terms tasks or roles.

  • ^

NOTE: Use the carat symbol (^) for NOT expressions. Enter (^) between terms to search for topics containing one term but not the other. For example, to search for topics that contain goals but not vision, enter goals ^ vision. The word NOT cannot be used as part of an expression when searching, only the ^ is allowed.

NOTE: Wildcard searches are not allowed.

To return to the search results, click the Back button on the browser..