Set Up Rules

Business Rules can define controls for business data to help businesses achieve goals. Rule compliance is assessed based on a true or false analysis. If the rule statement is true, the rule is achieved. If the statement is false, it is not achieved.

Rules are assigned to Policies.

As you are setting up a rule, you can click the Guidance () icon to open the Guidance panel to view assistance. Refer to Guidance for more information.

To add a rule:

  1. Click the plus sign (Add) icon on the Home page.

  2. Select Rule from the list box.

  3. Enter the Rule Statement.
  4. Enter Implication.

    NOTE: The Implication is the effect a policy or action has on the operations or financial well-being of a company. In other words, if the rule is not followed, what consequences will the company suffer as a result?

  5. Select an assignee for the rule in the Assigned To field.

    NOTE: When you assign a person to an asset, the assignee receives a notification by email, depending on their user settings

  6. Click Save.

The rule is a draft version in Candidate status after it has been saved. It must be further defined on the detail page and then sent for review before it can be published. Refer to Work with Asset Versions and the Endorsement Workflow for more information.

On the rule’s detail page, you can also do the following:

  1. After you have completed defining the rule, and assigned at least one sponsor to it, you must configure a custom workflow for it. Refer to Work with Asset Versions and Endorsement Workflow for more information.

NOTE: If you have permission to edit the asset, you can delete it, whether it has been published, is in review status, or is in draft status. All published versions and the draft version of the asset are deleted, and this action cannot be undone. To delete the asset, click the . . . menu and select Delete [Asset Type].

Use Bulk Update to apply edits to multiple assets

With Bulk Update, you can filter a list of assets on the Search Results page to be updated with values that you select on the Bulk Update page, including:

  • Assigned To
  • Sponsors
  • Category Value

Use the Page Options toggle to easily switch between Search and Bulk Update results. Refer to Use Bulk Update to Edit Assets for more information.