Update About Me

Once your account has been added by an administrator, you can update settings for your profile.

To update your profile settings:

  1. Click your user name in the top-right corner and select About Me.


    Click the About Me tab on the Administration menu.

  2. Update your Name as needed and if your authentication permits. No specific format is enforced, so use what works best for your organization.

    NOTE: Email cannot be changed.

  3. Select your local preference (which contains the date format) from the Locale list box.

    NOTE:The remaining fields are only editable by an Administrator who has the authentication to update user accounts:

    • Permissions—indicates your user role: Administrator, Business Admin, Author or Viewer. Refer to User Roles and Permissions for more information.
  4. Click the Receive Email Notifications check box to check or uncheck it as needed.

    NOTE: You can view notifications about changes, such as contests to your assets and requests to review when you are an SME of an asset. When the Receive Email Notifications checkbox is checked, notifications are also sent by email in case you are offline. Refer to Notifications for more information about the types of emails Knowledge Platform sends.

  5. Click the Opt-in Usage Information Tracking check box to select or deselect as needed.

    NOTE: Opt in or out of Optional Information tracking as described in the Syniti Privacy Policy. You can also access the policy by clicking the Privacy Policy link in the Knowledge Platform footer.

  6. Click Save.