Basic Navigation

Access Online Help

Click the icon to open online help for that page. On nearly every page of the components, the documentation icon displays to the right of the filter box.

NOTE: The WebApps built by users do not have online help links.

Once the online help opens, a page description topic displays for the current page and the grouping for the information is shown as a link at the page top. The vertical menu on the right side provides links to Use Cases for the section.

Horizontal and Vertical View Help

Most of the Description pages contain information for the Horizontal and Vertical views of the page as shown in the image above. Click the bookmark under the headings to navigate to either section of the page.

Navigate Help

Users have several options for navigating within the online help.

  • To find a specific topic, use the search bar. The search bar displays topics from any of the Modules included in the Syniti Knowledge Platform online help. See Online Help Search Tips for more information.

  • To view the notes for Construct, click the Modules menu and select Construct. This action displays the home page for Construct online help.

  • To view pages from a specific section, click the section link in the header of the online help page.

  • The Vertical menu listed on the right side of the page contains Uses Cases relevant to the current section. Click on any menu links to view Use Case details.

Release Notes

The What’s New header topic lists new features, enhancements, and bug fixes by month for each of the Syniti Knowledge Platform Products.

  • Click the link to view the What's New in the Knowledge Platform page.

  • To view prior month's release notes, click the Choose a month drop down list and select the month.

  • For detailed information about the release notes, a link to the topic in the online help is usually provided.

Config Docs

The menu for Configuration Documentation provides links for Syniti Knowledge Platform system information only. This menu is not relevant to Construct system.


The menu for Modules contains links for the online help for each of the components of Syniti Knowledge Platformsystem. A click on any of these options will open that online help.

Close Online Help

Close the tab to close the online help.