Dataset Design
  • 08 Jul 2024
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Dataset Design

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About Dataset Design

The Dataset Design process captures the business process design including relevant tables and fields for a dataset. It is the To-Be state of the migration as well as the hub for governance of the processes and policies. The information gathered and stored in Dataset Design provides the Target side of the Mapping process. The Subject Areas are similar to a process within a company and they group the Datasets together that together form this process.

The business process design includes all the relevant business objects, i.e., business partners, articles, purchase orders, etc., as they relate to one another within the business process. At each step of the process, there is usually 1 or more datasets that encompasses data needed to let a company process advance.


Before working in Dataset Design, several steps must be completed within Syniti Migrate to enable the availability of the metadata for design. These steps include:

Users & Roles in Dataset Design

The Design Team is responsible for determining the relevant functional areas for data migration and data governance. There are additional roles within Dataset Design that must be defined for both the business users and consultants.


Within Dataset Design, Security access for Datasets and Subject Areas may be restricted to certain roles (Ex: Admin only access). This is considered Child Control within Security.




The IT Lead or Team Administrator responsible for all Dataset Design initial setup

Dataset Designer

The developer responsible for control of the data in terms of governance


The business user responsible for the data being imported and its correct usage within the field

Design Lead

The user that is responsible for the design and functionality of the target Dataset


The user developing the ETL process in Syniti Migrate

Working in Dataset Design

View the following page by navigating to Catalog > Dataset Design from the Syniti Migrate Homepage to launch the Dataset Design multi-panel page. This page includes two main functional panels of Dataset Design - Subject Areas and Datasets.



Subject Areas

The business functional area under which the Dataset business objects are managed. Ex: Article Master or Procure-To-Pay


Datasets are the objects to be loaded and governed.


The counts of each grid panel are displayed within parenthesis next to the panel titles.

Dataset Design: Multi-Panel page

Sliding Divider Bar

This page is set with a Sliding Divider Bar - the divider may be moved from side to side to give more room to a panel. Refer to Migration User Interface > Menu Structure for details of this benefit.

Rules and Tasks specific for Using a Database other than the Migration SQL Server

Refer to the section The Data Migration Process for details of working in a database that is not same as the Migration SQL Server.

In some cases, the project uses SAP HANA DB or Oracle DB or may even enforce using a different Client held SQL Server for the working database. For example, Syniti Migrate is stored in SQL Server; however, the data may reside in a different Database. The Data Migration Process provides sections for:

Subsequent Steps

Refer to section Create & Maintain Subject Areas for the next set of steps in this process.

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