May 2024
  • 12 Jun 2024
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May 2024

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As we continue to strive for excellence to put Data First, we’re excited to share the latest enhancements and bug fixes that have been released to improve your experience. Read on to discover the latest updates for May 2024.

May 31, 2024

A new version of Syniti Data Replication (SDR) has been released. Refer to What’s New in Syniti Replicate v10.7.0.4 for more information.

May 10, 2024



Users can now be created in bulk at Admin > Security > Users. Click the Upload users button to upload a file in the .CSV format to create new users. The initial upload performs an insert operation, and subsequent uploads assign the user(s) to an existing user group.

Refer to Users for more information.


We enabled the Source toolbar button of the rich text editor on Data Catalog assets. This editing feature allows you to view and edit the HTML source of the document.

Refer to Rich Text Editing for more information.

May 08, 2024



In Administer > Setup > Parameters, the Create Export Specific Folder toggle button is now available to configure the Export Path that Syniti Migrate passes to Syniti Replicate when generating a Target Export file. By default, this toggle button is turned on such that the export folder name is appended to the export file path. For example, E:\Exports\LOAD\MM_MARA_T_EXP\.

If you don’t want to include the export folder name in the export file path, turn off the Create Export Specific Folder toggle button. The export file path is now passed as the following file path: E:\Exports\LOAD\.

Refer to Parameters for more information.

May 03, 2024


SKP Connector

Version 1.1.10 of the SKP Connector adds support for SUSE 15 SP5, so that the following operating systems are now supported:

  • RHEL 8.7 — 8.9 and 9.2 — 9.3

  • Oracle Linux 8.7 — 8.9 and 9.2 — 9.3

  • SLES 15 SP4 and SP5

  • Ubuntu 22.04

With this enhancement, a configuration parameter is available to specify the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) setting. By default, the MTU is set to 1500 at the operating system level. For installations and upgrades, the setting should be updated according to SKP Connector 1.1.10 Post Installation Steps. The setting of the MTU value resolves an issue we have found where packets were getting blocked between the SKP Connector and the SKP Cloud.


With the SLES 15 SP5 release of the SKP Connector, Profiler now uses Python 3.11 and a new profiling library. Due to these changes, the architecture of the SLES 15 SP5 SKP Connector release has been simplified, and the Oracle Instant Client is not required to be deployed in support of the profiling libraries.

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