Project Setup
  • 26 Mar 2024
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Project Setup

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About Project Setup

The Project Setup process should be completed at the beginning of the project and updated at the beginning of each new Release. Project Setup maintains and tracks the Projects, Releases, Milestones and Deployment information for all relevant and in-scope business Subject Areas.

From a Project Management standpoint, the Project Setup helps organize the project responsibilities, tracks progress and provides metrics for managing migration development tasks and data validation reporting.

Prerequisites to Project Setup

  • Create the Working Database Server

The Migration Database Server must created prior to adding a Release.  Refer to section Administer > Setup > Servers for information on building this database server within the Client's database system. The REPORT datasource and WORKING_DATASOURCE must contain valid SERVER_ID values for the system to accept that it is properly set for building the Project and Releases.

  • Create the Subject Area within Dataset Design

One or more Subject Areas will need to be assigned to the Project and Release.  These Subject Areas may be setup as part of the initial project setup or they are built through the Dataset Design within the section Catalog > Dataset Design > Create & Maintain Subject Areas

  • Create the Development Areas within Environments

One or more Development Areas are assigned to the Subject Areas setup in Project Setup.  Development Areas are created as part of the Environments within section Administer > Setup > Environments

Users & Roles in Project Setup

The Data Migration Project Lead, Deployment Team lead or the Migration Team leads will be responsible for adding and managing the Projects, Milestones, Releases, and Deployments. There are additional roles within Project Setup that will need to be defined on both the business team and migration team.



Migration Project Lead

The data migration team lead who manages and track the overall project progress.

Deployment Lead

The business leader who is responsible for the deployments related to the project.

Project Owner

The person responsible for the overall project.


This role must be defined in Syniti Migrate prior to project load cycles.

Project Manager

The person responsible for the daily tasks of the project.


This role must be defined in Syniti Migrate prior to project load cycles.

Working in Project Setup

View the following page by navigating to Migrate > Project Setup on the Syniti Migrate Homepage to launch the Project Setup multi-panel page. This page includes five main functional panels of Project Setup – Projects, Releases, Milestones, Deployments and Development Areas.

Project Setup: Multi-panel page

The Project Setup multi-panel page include five main functional panels:




The name of the current, on-going project. Multiple projects may be undertaken during the same times.


Set of related project tasks, which can be organized by business unit or country/region implementations, that ultimately end on a go-live date.


Trial load dates for data conversion that typically include mock load cycles, data loads for testing and ultimate dress-rehearsal and production cut over.


A deployment is usually a geography or a business unit that segments the collection of records that are going live.

Development Areas

The linking of Subject Areas to Development Areas and Working Datastores for the Project / Release.

Creating & Maintaining Projects

A Project is defined by the business. The project name and details are used in Syniti Migrate to organize the business endeavors requiring data migrations from legacy source system to a new target system.

On the Project Setup multi-panel page, the Project panel is in the upper left corner of the Project Setup page.

Users may determine the need for multiple projects and identify them by name and time line in Syniti Migrate.

Project Setup: Project panel

The list of Projects that have been added to the Projects panel. The Project grid displays the following columns:




Name of the Project, i.e., "PR1" or "Project Destiny".


Long name or description of project, i.e., "Project 1 – US" or "P1 – North America".


Project start date.


Estimated Project end date.


Toggle for status of the Project.


Defaults field as Active.

Add a New Project

Within the Projects panel, click the Add  icon to launch the Project window.

Project Setup: Add Project window

See below for field definitions for adding a Project:



Project Name*

Short name of Project; usually an abbreviation or acronym. Ex: "BT" or "Core Data". (Required)


Description of the project.


The user who is responsible for the entire project.


This role must be defined in Syniti Migrate prior to project load cycles.

Project Status*

Status of Project. (Required)


Status may be configured by the Admin in Administer > Advanced > List Boxes.

Start Date

Project start date. (see Note below)

End Date

Estimated project go-live date. (see Note below)


Toggle for status of the Project for future-state design mapping and migration.


Defaults field as Active.

When finished with edits, click the Save  icon to complete.


At this point the date range for Start and End Dates should be set, each level will depend upon the level above date range to select the current date range.

Edit a Project

On the Projects panel, click the Edit  icon on the selected Project record to launch the Edit Project window.

Project Setup: Edit Project window

When finished with edits, click the Save  icon to complete.

Subsequent Steps

The subsequent steps of this process are to build:

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