System Reports
  • 25 Mar 2024
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System Reports

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About System Reports

System Reports allow configurable reports to be added to the Monitor Menu. Standard reports (User Access Audit, List of Datasets, List of Data Elements, etc.) are delivered, and usersare able to configure a valid SQL Query as a new report, allowing for easy reporting of Custom Audits or Informational System reports.

Prerequisites for System Reports

The system reports are built using one of two methods as shown below:

Queries Configured - Within Administer > Advanced > System Report Confguration the report description, SQL query, Index priority, sort order, and other values are documented. The security for user access is defined as well.

MIGRATE_APP Views - Within Migrate > Snapshot Management section of the system, the Snapshot Datasource for SRCCONSTRUCT contains a System Datasource of MIGRATE_APP. This datasource contains views that lists of table data for use in building or exporting data using the System Reports process.

Users & Roles in System Reports

The Admin will be responsible for maintenance of System Reports. They can provide access to the other roles in security to allow team members access to view or maintain these reports. The reports are set to Display Only within the page, and only the users with access to add System Reports Configuration are able to create new reports or modify existing reports under the configuration page. Viewing System Reports is provided to all roles.

Working in System Reports

View the following page by navigating to Monitor > System Reports from the Syniti Migrate Homepage. This page is divided into two panels - Systems Reports and Report Data. These panels are dependent, as the user selects to highlight a System Report within the left panel, and the results update to display within the right panel.

Should the report data have changed since original view, the user may click Refresh  icon to update and refresh the rows of data in the currently viewed report.

System Reports Dashboard

The Shortcut icons for this page:



Description of Use


Refresh the data in the report.


Download the current report.



To search for values in any relevant fields, click Search icon and type the desired search value in the field drop-down.


The Help icon links to the page in online help text to provide a detailed explanation.

The System Reports grid displays the following fields:



Report Name

Name of the report.


Descriptive text of report use.

System Report Type

Grouping by type of report.

System Reports Details

To view the details of a system report, click Edit icon. This page is a display only for Details of the report. To maintain the actual report, refer to Administer > Advanced > System Report Configuration for further details. Each report produces a unique list of column headers relevant to that report.

System Reports Details

Much the same as Target Reports, the user may Sort, Aggregate, Hide, and Filter while viewing these reports. The user may download the information to Excel spreadsheets.

There are Export reports that assist with the Imports section of the system. These export reports provide an excel spreadsheet as a template for use in preparing the data for the Import processes:

  • Export - Dataset and Mapping data

  • Export - Report data

  • Export - ETL data


The export for Dataset and Mapping data pulls the value for check table field from the Mapping first and then if blank pulls from the Dataset value stored.

System Reports: Grouping a field on line


As with any page grid of data, on the right upper corner, click the Hamburger Details icon to view the options for show or hide column, filter of rows, and column width. This is extremely handy for situations where the data is fluid and changes or when there are many records that are hard to review in the small window provided for the list. Refer to section Page Grid Options for details.

System Reports: Hide Columns Select
System Reports: Hide Columns Display

Download a System Report

In order to produce an Excel spreadsheet of this report data, click Download  icon. This action downloads the file to the Download folder on a local drive.

System Reports: Download to Excel

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