Working DB Object Promotion
  • 26 Mar 2024
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Working DB Object Promotion

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This topic contains the following section - Working DB Object Comparison

About Working DB Object Promotion

During the life of a project, there may be multiple Releases that may overlap the Data Objects. This Multi-Tier environment requires a way to more easily move the database tables, views, functions, and stored procedures from one working database version to another in the same database system. The process will provide a comparison of the source datasource to the target datasource to assist in the efforts to copy all dependent objects to the target database.

This process will be very helpful in use with the multiple reporting environment scenario. The users can build and test the objects within a DEV environment and then run the Mock within the LOAD environment. As the development continues, they can compare and copy from the DEV to the LOAD working database the latest work.

Users & Roles in Working DB Object Promotion

The Data Migration Project Lead, Deployment Team lead or the Migration Team leads will be responsible for adding and managing the Projects, Milestones, Releases, and Deployments. There are additional roles within Project Setup that will need to be defined on both the business team and migration team.




The IT Lead or Team Administrator responsible for all Dataset Design initial setup.


The user developing the ETL process in Syniti Migrate.

This is a working cockpit of information. There are four panels that interact to make up this page. Panels on the left side include steps to prepare for the comparison of two selected Datasources for the data contained, and the right side panel will then provide a list of the selected objects in the source datasource with which to compare.

Promote Database Objects

By following the steps, the user will determine the filtered list to promote.

Step 1: Select Datasources - panel provides the option to select the source and target datasources.

Step 2: Select Objects - panel allows for the selection of Tables or Views from the source datasource to compare and copy to the target datasource. Use the buttons for all or select individually.

Step 3: Run Comparison - panel will kick off a job comparison of the data

Toggle to active to Select objects on the right side panel to compare the list of Tables and Views currently in the source datasource.

The user must ensure that these databases have been manually built within the database system prior to running this process. Only Datasources that are created within the client database (Snapshot Datasources) will be visible for selection and assignment.

Working DB Object Promotion

The left side of the page will provide the Steps to produce the comparison. The right side of the page will list the objects within the Source Datasource that will be copied into the Target Datasource (both Datasources are the Working Datasources within the Database system).

Working DB Object Promotion: Select Datasources

The user will run the comparison by a click on CREATE COMPARISON button within panel STEP 3 of the page. This action will compare all Objects selected in the Source against all objects stored in the Target to show where there are similarities of the work. Refer to section Working DB Object Comparison for details of this next page.


If there are no objects selected for comparison, the CREATE COMPARISON action will fail with a message to indicate that objects must first be selected.

Working DB Object Promotion: Objects Selected for Comparison

Issues with Comparison

The two datasources must be of the same database type in order for this comparison to run successfully.

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