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Migration User Interface

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Syniti Migrate Landing Page

After logging into Syniti Migrate, the user sees the Syniti Migrate Landing page as shown below. The Landing page includes user interface (UI) controls including a Menu Bar and User Functions/Log ins.

NOTE: Click the Syniti logo in upper left corner to return to the Syniti Knowledge Platform.

Syniti Migrate Landing page

Syniti Migrate Landing Page links

Within the Landing page are multiple cards with links to specific sections of the system. The number of cards displayed depends upon user security access to the system with a maximum of six cards available (Snapshot Management, Dataset Design, Project Setup, Mappings, Deployment Reports, and PMO Dashboard). Along the bottom row of this page are additional links to the Migrate Online User Guide, Syniti Knowledge Platform What's New Release Notes, and a system Site Map (links to every section of Syniti Migrate based upon the user's security).

The User Guide link opens the help documentation for Syniti Migrate.

Migration User Guide help

The What's New link opens to the Syniti Knowledge Platform section for What's New.  This section provides on a monthly basis the changes made for each system.

Syniti Knowledge Platform: What's New topics

The Site Map link provides a full page list of available sections of Migrate depending upon the individual user's security. The images below show the contrast of example security and page menu links.

Site Map: Full access

Site Map: Limited access

User Profile

Users may update their password through the landing page using User Profile section of the system.  Click on the User Profile  icon to open the drop-down list of options. 

Migration: User Profile

My Profile

Refer to section My Profile for details on changing user password, creating a Report Token, or setting the system theme for High Contrast.

What's New

Refer to section Landing Page Links - What's New for details.

User Guide

Refer to section Landing Page Links - User Guide for details.


The Helpdesk link opens a link to documentation on Syniti Support system where the user may search for information or submit a request for assistance (

About Syniti Migrate

This option displays system information such as version and release.

User Profile: About Syniti Migrate


The user may log out of this system through the User Profile > LogOut pathway. At this point, either exit this process or log back into the application by entering the correct User Name and Password combination.

User Profile: LogOut