Syniti Migrate


Administer is the fifth vertical listing of processes within Syniti Migrate. This section of the application stores system setup, formatting, preferences, and system security. This section contains a main list of pages and then the Setup, Security, and Advanced listings as shown below:




Imports Excel Import This section imports via Excel spreadsheet the datasource tables and columns metadata.
Imports ETL Import This section imports ETL tasks and sequencing metadata from older versions of Syniti ADM or DMR Concento intoSyniti Migrate.
Imports Mapping Import This section imports Mappings metadata from older versions of Syniti ADM or DMR Concento into Syniti Migrate.
Imports Reporting Import This section imports Reporting metadata from older versions of Syniti ADM or DMR Concento into Syniti Migrate.

Guided Setup

This dashboard provides access to setup of the system in a sequence.
Setup Parameters The Parameters page stores the system settings.
Setup Servers The Datasource Servers page maintains manually added servers.
Setup Environments Used to provide multiple migration systems for building and loading.
Setup Subject Areas Subject Area groups the topics being setup for migration of data.
Setup Development Areas Provides the link between Environments and Datasources for use in Development Areas.
Setup Import Databases Links the Working Databases created in Syniti Data Catalog to the Environments and Development Areas.
Security Users Management Maintains user access to Syniti Migrate system.
Security User Deployment Provides the assignment of users to Deployments.
Security Employees Employees are identified and maitained.
Security User Audit Log A list of all transactions maintained by users.
Security Role Management The assignment of Users to Roles by assigning Features.
Security Object History Search Provides a list of Syniti Migrate tables and fields with the latest action against them.
Advanced Applications Maintains filtered lists of the columns in tables considered as the default Metadata import for the Datasource.
Advanced Attributes Custom attributes are configured and assigned to Objects.
Advanced Database Types Stores the configuration of each database type in terms of the Connection String Format, processes it supports, and fields required/optional/display.
Advanced Dataset Complexities Complexities are used to determine the standard metrics time frame for migration work.
Advanced Dataset Types Dataset Types provide field level options for each type of dataset.
Advanced List Boxes Provides an opportunity to support check table or drop-down lists for fields.
Advanced Metrics Configuration Displays the details for each metric and allows for maintaining thresholds.
Advanced Relevancy Attributes Maintenance of relevancy attributes for use in Central Relevancy.
Advanced Report Types Maintenance of and allows for adding report types.
Advanced Script Templates Maintenance of the Validation or Execution Script Templates.
Advanced Security Classifications Security Classifications are used to provide levels of classification to secure data for the client.
Advanced Stakeholders Maintenance for stakeholders for each type of object.
Advanced Standard Fields Maintenance for the Syniti Migrate list of standard fields.
Advanced System Report Configuration Provides access to set up or maintain the System Reports.
Advanced Value Mapping Config By Datasource, the active check tables are maintained for use in Value Mapping.

This section of the system is visible if the user is provided the role of Admin.

These are typically accessed by Tech Leads, Project Managers and Migration Leads to configure and setup customer site specific details.