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List Boxes

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About List Boxes

List Boxes provide an opportunity to support check tables or drop-down lists for fields within Syniti Migrate.  There is a significant list of defaulted list boxes based upon the system, but users are allowed to add new list boxes based upon needs for Migration fields.

View the following page by navigating to Administer > Advanced > List Boxes from the Syniti Migrate Homepage.

List Boxes: Display

The system defaulted list boxes are fixed.  These system default details may be displayed using the Edit  icon, but the user cannot edit fields within an existing system defaulted list box.  The Add icon displays a Listbox Key if the Listbox is configurable. Therefore, depending upon the configuration for the List Box, Listbox Keys may be editible, deleted, or added.

The image below confirms that since the keys are not configurable, there is no Add icon visible in the Listbox Key panel for this Listbox row.

List Boxes: Edit

Listbox Key

Each Listbox contains a list of Key fields.  The system defaulted list boxes also contain lists of Key fields.  Most of the Listbox Key fields are set to Locked - no changes.  However, a small number of these key fields are allowed for changes to mark as Active/Inactive, Edit field values, and even to Delete the Listbox Key value. 

An example is for the Listbox DATASOURCE_ENVIRONMENT.  In this situation, there may be a need to Add new, Edit, or Delete current Instances for a Datasource, and so these Listbox Key fields may be updated as well as displayed.  Each Listbox should be checked to determine if the icons for Edit, Add, and Delete are active and in use. 

List Boxes: Listbox Keys

Add a List Box

Although there is a significant list of list boxes already defaulted to the system and built within the core database tables, users may need to create additional list boxes. The Syniti Migrate system allows users to build these new list boxes. Click the Add icon within Listbox panel to open a dialog box for a new Listbox.

List Boxes: Add



Listbox Name*

The unique name to identify this Listbox. (Required)


Short description of the Listbox. (Required)

Title Format*

Select from the drop-down list the format of the key fields. (KEY, TITLE, KEY - TITLE, or TITLE (KEY)

Key Configurable

Toggle switch to determine if this listbox is key configurable.  (Display Only and allows marked as Active)

When finished with edits, click the Save  icon to complete.

NOTEThe newly added non system defaulted listbox displays as Active for Edit and Delete as they are user entered.

Add a Listbox Key

Once the List Box is added and saved, the user can then add Listbox Key fields for use in this listbox.  Click the Add icon within the right side panel for Listbox Key to open a dialog box for the new value. 

List Boxes: Add List Box Key



Sort Order

The sequence of where data appears in the list.


The unique identifier for each value in this list that will populate automatically.  (Required)


The name for the Key field.


Additional title or description.


Short description of the Listbox Key usage.


Toggle the status of the list box as active\inactive. NOTEDefaults as Active.

When finished with edits, click the Save  icon to complete.

Edit the List Box Key

After the Listbox and Listbox Key Fields are entered and saved, the list box is complete and ready for use. 

List Boxes: Edit

Delete a List Box

Only the manually created list boxes may be deleted, and only if they are not actively used in a page. Click the OK button to proceed.

List Boxes: Delete