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Metrics Scorecard

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About Metrics Scorecard

Metrics Scorecard provides a dashboard of progress for members of the team as well as the client. Each section provides red, yellow, green indicators and % by subject area, releases, etc. Syniti provides a few pre-delivered metrics to get this process launched. 

All metrics are determined from Future Milestone Start Date ranges and the metrics of future dated tasks show on the chart only.  The image below shows the Project Setup page and Milestones with Start and End Date ranges.

Project Setup: Milestones: Start Date in future

Prerequisites for Metrics Scorecard

A prerequisite to Metrics Scorecard use is to setup configuration for the Metric Names, set an Index for each, and determine Metric Milestones with classification for Green or Yellow or Red status. Any data that can be set into a Query with a Numerator and Denominator can be a metric.

Refer to Administer > Advanced > Metrics Configuration for further details.

Metrics Configuration

NOTE:  The page is split into two panels. The Panel for Metrics deliver with seven standard Metric Names to use as the base for metric collection. Each metric contains a SQL view of the details for that metric, and a Numerator and Denominator field for use in providing the percentages. Every Metric Milestone should be defined for threshold percentages for every Metric Name for this process to work efficiently.

Also, the arrows  presented to the left of each Metric Name executes the metric to produce the refreshed percentages. This is not an automatic refresh. It must be maintained periodically to be accurate. Only the Admin role may add new metric names or maintain the metric details. The Developer role may set the metric milestone thresholds.

Each of the standard delivered Metric Names have specific fields that provide the details for update. The list below provides direction to the location within Migration that these metric values are updated.

Metric Name




Mapping Complete

Number of Fields Mapped / Total Mapping Opportunities



Mapping Reviewed

Number of Fields Reviewed / Fields Mapped



Build Complete

Number of Fields Built / Fields Mapped




Percentage of Enrichment records which are marked as complete or rejected.



Value Translation

Percentage of values marked as Complete or NA / Number of Legacy Values



Users & Roles in Metrics Scorecard

The Admin on the Syniti Team is responsible for maintenance of the Metrics Scorecard.  These metrics are freely defined to provide statistical counts and percentages of progress in user defined metric definitions. 

Working in Metrics Scorecard

View the following page by navigating to Monitor > Metrics Scorecard from the Syniti Migrate Homepage. Project metrics are used to track progress so the team can determine remaining work. Examples of metrics for include Mapping Design and Build, Enrichment, and Value Mapping.

This page provides the overall metrics for the Project by Release and Milestone along with Metrics Scorecard.png" />

Metrics Scorecard Dashboard: Release

To view details of the metrics, click on a Release that shows as a link (Ex: Rel Migrate). From this page, the user can view all Subject Areas within the Release that are active (within the current time frame). In this example, there are four Subject Areas currently active in the Release chosen.

Metrics Scorecard: Subject Area and Release

A click on the links to the next level provides the details of the specific Dataset and metric. (Ex: Mapping Complete). At this point, the page displays by Release and Dataset the Metric value with a link to details.

A breadcrumb pathway provides links to click to move to desired pages.  This provides the complete pathway and information of the Metric. 

Metrics Scorecard: Dataset and Release

The final level of details provides the actual view of data from the metric view used in metric Configuration as well as the values. The example of Mapping Complete for FIN shows as one hundred percent due to eight out of a total of nine fields mapped.

Metrics Scorecard: Detailed Metric Values