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About PMO Dashboard

PMO Dashboard provides a central location to capture progress of a migration project based upon set relevancy metrics. It is primarily used by the Team leads and Project Manager to provide status of the Data Migration Project to the client.

The PMO Dashboard provides a time line of Milestones for the selected Release that are identified and set with start and end dates within pathway - Migrate > Project Setup. Notifications are listed below the time line overall, and if the user should click on a Milestone, then the notifications display for that Milestone.

Although the PMO Dashboard shares the same configuration page as the Metrics Scorecard, it has different requirements and settings. A metric may be identified as both a Scorecard and Milestone metric at the same time, and both would then share the query that builds out the statistics. However, there are specific fields that apply directly either to one or the other metric type. Also, the PMO Dashboard is fully functional once Syniti Migrate is setup for a client site. The users do not need to build additional metrics and adding more metrics do not affect the dashboard values and pages. Each metric is defined within the Working with PMO Dashboard section.


  • PMO Dashboard configuration must be completed first. Refer to Administer > Advanced > Metrics Configuration for further details.

    NOTE: A milestone must be created for the PMO Dashboard to display. Refer to Creating & Maintaining Milestones for details.

    NOTEThe PMO Dashboard defaults during installation for a set of Metrics that are complete and ready for use. Each metric is discussed in detail to provide fields for use, timing, manual tasks that are involved in keeping these metrics accurate.

    Metrics Configuration

    NOTEThe page is split into two panels. The panel for Metrics delivers with eleven Milestone Metrics that are used for PMO Dashboard. These metrics are ready for use, and required no setup. The panel for Metric Milestones is used only in Metric Scorecard and is not relevant for the PMO Milestone Metrics.

  • Execute the Metric calculations to produce metric values within the pathway - Migrate > Mappings > Dataset panel.

  • The Project must have Milestones set for the Release and Dataset for the PMO Dashboard to be present. Refer to section Creating & Maintaining Milestones for details.

NOTECentral Wave or Central Relevancy Subject Areas and Datasets are not relevant for PMO Dashboard Metric calculations when the user roles are Dataset Designer or Mapper. These objects for Central Wave will only be part of the metrics calculations for the Migration team roles such as Developer or Project Manager.

Users & Roles in PMO Dashboard

The Admin on Syniti's project team is responsible for maintenance of the PMO Dashboard. These metrics are a predetermined set of calculated and manually entered values to provide statistical counts and percentages of progress for the project.




The IT Lead or Team Administrator responsible for all initial setup


The Developer has access for running and reporting metrics


Refer to section Working with PMO Dashboard for details of viewing the results of a metric data execution.