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Report Validations

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The Report Validations page is very helpful to IT leads or Team leads as they can review report errors overall in a list for each of the working databases. This page does not have an add feature but does allow the user to view additional messaging which assists in correction of errors for reporting.

View the following page by navigating to Migrate > Report Validations from the Syniti Migrate Homepage. This page may take a few seconds to display the list of records it contains.

Report Validations

Standard reports are generated by the system for target system configuration checks against the tables by Object/Table/Field. View the Report Name, the Database in which its created, and an Error if it encountered one during report creation.




The database that stores this report .


This is the Report Name.


This is the type of report. (Ex: Data Ready, Stage Ready, Target Ready, Business Ready, Info, Preload, or Postload)


This is the report description.

Validation Status

The Validation Status provides the current status of this report.

The Search  icon on the top right allows for a search for a specific report.

Common Report Errors:



Invalid Report Name

Indicates that this report does not exist within database. It has been entered into Migration target reports,  but was not built physically in SQL or other database.

Missing Required Field

This field is required and does not exist in the database view of this report. This is also a supportive error for 'Invalid Report Name.'

Remediate Column Not in View

 This error shows that the field is using remediation yet the remediated field (ZFIELD) is not in the view.

Remediation is Active but Remediation field is not in view

This error shows that remediation is active, but expected field REMEDIATION_FIELD + N'_REMEDIATE' is not present in view

Remediate/ErrorLog Active, Remove Group By, Distinct from View

This error shows that the view is using either a Group by or Distinct clause that is causing errors for the Remediate field.

Edit a Report Validation

An "ERROR" preceding the report name suggests that the system attempted to create the validation report but failed due to an error.

Review the report details clicking the Edit  icon for each report. Check that the report points to the correct object (check tables and/or working tables/views). Click the ERROR STATUS  button to view details of the errors.

Report Details

Review the "Status Message" and make corrections as necessary. Set up additional report options:




Report Details


Sequence of the Reports. Value increases by factor of 10 for each new entry. (Required)

Report Details


The Report name is entered (Required)

Report Details


This button provides a detailed message of the Error

Report Details


Toggle switch to set the report as Active/Inactive.

NOTEDefaults as Active.

Report Details


Toggle to mark relevant to Publish or not publish the report within the Validate pages.

Report Details Sampling Method

A drop-down list of values for type of Sampling Method (EX: Manual, ZI.4 GI, ZI.4 GII, ZI.4 S1, ZI.4 S2)  See NOTE below

Report Details


The quantity of records that default as output to prevent excessively large reports. NOTE: Default value of 1000 at time of save may be changed after saving. Field is contingent upon Sampling Method. See NOTE below.

Report Details

Random Sample

Toggle switch active to output a random sample of data within the report. This field works with Limit field. Field is contingent upon Sampling Method. See NOTE below.

Report Details

Report Priority*

A drop-down list of values to determine the priority of this report. (Required)

Report Details

Report Type*

Report Type definition of preload, postload, info, stage ready, target ready that uses logic from Report Types config section. (Required)

Report Details


The description of the report or enter report name. (Required)

Report Details

Error Log Msg

Enter the error message to print if this report provides a list of errors

Report Details

Defect No

Enter the Defect number (multiples separate with a comma) to mark if this report is a result of defect management

Report Details


This internally generated field provides the ID for this specific report to locate within the database.

Report Details Command Timeout Seconds

The number of seconds this report refreshs before it is stopped. Prevents excessive clocking.


History Date

Time and Date of the last run.


Record Count

The count of records produced in this report


Status Message

This is the status of the build of this report. If the build fails the error is provided in this message.

Security Security Enabled Toggle to provide additional security for reports containing private details. Assigned to specific users by report.

Business Information

Business Impact

Represents the impact to the business should this report contain values. Only used in Error reports, otherwise hidden. See NOTE below

Business Information


Provides the recommendation for resolution should the report contain values. Only used in Error reports, otherwise hidden. See NOTE below

Business Information


Enter the RICEFW document number.

Business Information Warning Threshold Min Enter an integer to define the minimum number of records in error that will mark the report with a warning.
Business Information Warning Threshold Max Enter an integer to define the maximum number of records in error that will mark the report with a warning.


Column Translation*

A drop-down list of options to determine if the Field name, Field description, or both values should be presented on the output file. (Required) NOTE:  Defaults to Both


Segment By

This field designates fields by which the report may be segmented. (Ex: country, sales organization, payment terms) NOTEField ZDEPLOY cannot be used as a Segment By entry as it is already considered for the Deployment reports.


Report Orderby

This field designates fields by which the report may be sorted. Enter each field separated by a comma to sort in that order ascending.


Remediation Field

The field that is updated by remediation based upon a Dynamic view added to the report. See Target Report Remediation for details.

Report Links


The field in target report that is linked to another report.

Report Links

Linked Report

Provides the linked report name.

Segment Segment Value

The field values for the Segment field. See NOTE below.

Segment Record Count

The count of records that contain the segment value. See NOTE below.

Segment Options

Within this column the user may View or Download the segmented section of the report. See NOTE below.

NOTEThe fields Limit and Random Sample are contingent upon the type of Sampling Method selected (Manual).

NOTEThe Segment panel displays once a value is entered into the Segment By field. Good for grouping rows of data based upon a field value. The segmented values display with the record counts and allow for display on page or download to a local drive. Refer to section Segment By in Maintain Target Reports for details.

NOTEIf the user does not fill in values for fields Business Impact and Recommendation for an ERROR report, the system provides a Warning message upon attempt to set the report to Publish. These fields are provided in the details of the reports for the Validation team and so they should be filled with values for all Error reports that are Published to validation process. See warning message example below:

View the report execution history by clicking the History  icon at the top.

When finished with edits, click the Save  icon to complete.