June 2024
  • 26 Jun 2024
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June 2024

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As we continue to strive for excellence to put Data First, we’re excited to share new Data Quality features, latest enhancements, and bug fixes that have been released to improve your experience. Read on to discover the latest updates for June 2024.

June 21, 2024

New Features

Data Quality

Syniti is excited to announce the release of new key Data Quality features, including:

  • Subject Areas

  • DQ Reports updates

  • Security Profiles

  • Report Hub

  • Subject Area and Data Quality Reports Notifications

Subject Areas have been added to the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) as a means of categorizing and managing rules in the SKP’s Data Catalog module. This module allows for easier management of Data Catalog features, along with more clearly defined security for rules as defined by the new Security Profiles feature. With this change also comes an enhancement to the Data Quality Reports page, which now displays reports by Subject Area.

Security Profiles allow users to extend security settings on individual assets such as rules, Subject Areas, and Migrate datasets, releases, and datasources, as well as define specific security access for Subject Areas. For example, a Security Profile can be set on a Subject Area to restrict user access to that Subject Area. Then, by default, any rules associated with the Subject Area are restricted to those users associated with the Security Profile.

The Report Hub has been added to the SKP’s Home page to provide access to currently available Dashboards and Data Quality reports, and to serve as a placeholder for future reporting modules.

The Notifications feature has been implemented on the Subject Areas and Data Quality Reports pages, allowing users to subscribe to a summary of reports on a daily or weekly basis. This summary is delivered via email and includes a list of the top 10 reports for the Subject Area or all Data Quality reports based on the reports with the lowest Data Quality Score. These summary of reports allows users insight into data that might need extra attention without having to access each Subject Area to review the data regularly.


Security Profiles have been enabled for Releases, Datasets, and Datasources in Migrate. Refer to Security Profiles and Security Profiles in Migrate for more information on implementing and managing security profiles.



  • We improved the Import Table dialog box in Snapshot Management to allow you to enter specific details about the system table. Refer to Snapshot Management for more information.

  • The Drag-and-Drop  icon is now available to identify when the Drag-and-Drop feature is available in a panel. For example, this icon is visible in the Tasks panel on the ETL Job page when you edit a project from the ETL Transform Job List page.

  • The Job Queue Retention (Days) parameter is now available in the Job Queue section of the Parameters page. This parameter defines how long in days that Job Queue entries are retained such that you can maintain optimal application performance in your tenant. Refer to Parameters for more information.

  • The viewing of report segments has moved from the Edit Report Details page to the Target Reports grid using the Segment icon. Refer to the Segment By section for more information.

Bug Fixes


  • We fixed an issue where some Job Queue names exceeded the storage character limit.

  • We fixed an issue where the Datasets pane was not updating properly when you select a different release in the Releases pane on the Deployment Reports page.

  • We fixed an issue where Read-Only users were able to refresh Target Reports.

  • We fixed an issue where the default value for the Column Translation field on manually created reports was defaulting to Technical instead of Both.

  • We fixed an issue where report segmentation was not displaying with respect to the execution environment. Viewing of report segments has moved from the edit screen to an in-line icon on the reports grid.

June 1, 2024


A new desktop version of Syniti Replicate has been released. Refer to What’s New in Syniti Replicate v10.7.0.4 for more information.

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