The Data Migration Process
  • 25 Mar 2024
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The Data Migration Process

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The data migration process is all about assisting companies cleanse, consolidate and load high quality data into net new systems or existing production systems in a repeatable process. From our extensive experience in this area, we have built a product suite and a set of accelerator tools that help automate tedious tasks of testing and loading data. This data includes both master data and transaction data.

This topic contains the following sections:

The Syniti Migrate system can easily handle all data domains such as customer, vendor, materials, products, employees and any open transactions like sales orders, purchase orders, inventory movements, etc.

The very high-level process is as follows:

  • Extract metadata from one or many sources systems that provides data to be migrated into one or many destination systems.

  • Build rules to cleanse, consolidate, and govern the data.

  • Populate the ETL tools with job information that extracts, transforms, and loads the data into those destination systems.

Database Systems other than Microsoft SQL Server

Syniti Migrate is stored within the Microsoft SQL Server database.  The migration process, however, may use other database systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, or SAP HANA DB.  This migration database system stores all the rows of data from legacy systems through the transformation to target data.  Each database system may have unique language coding or rules that force changes to the way the coding is written for the Datasources and Mappings. 

At this time, Syniti Migrate automatically builds the tables and views generated from building XML within these databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Oracle


Refer to the specific sections documented for tips on unique traits and responses from Oracle and SAP HANA DB as listed below.  Throughout this help, there are links back to these sections for details of the unique processes used by each database. 

Refer to Migration Using Oracle as the Database

Refer to Migration Using SAP HANA DB as the Database

Migration Process Flow Diagram

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