Verify Migrate Database Upgrade
  • 04 Jun 2024
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Verify Migrate Database Upgrade

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This article describes the verification process of the Migrate Database upgrade when you create or modify the Migrate Datasource in the following path in Syniti Migrate: Catalog > Datasources.


  1. During the initial Guided Setup, ensure that the Migration Working Database or Datasource server and the Migrate Datasource are created. These two configurations are then linked together in Migrate Datasource.

    Migration Working Database server

    Migrate Datasource

  2. Ensure that the same database is manually added to the working database platform. For example, if you are using the SQL Server database, you must manually add the same database that you’re using for Migrate Datasource in your SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

      Migrate Database in SSMS

  3. Ensure that you set up the Database Connection, including the Server, Database Name, and Default Schema details in the Migrate System Datasource for migration.

    Migrate Datasource: Connection section

Once you complete these steps, Syniti Migrate automatically starts an upgrade job to upgrade the Migrate Database with the required data.

Verify the Migrate Database Upgrade Process

When the Migrate Datasource is assigned to the Migrate system configured in Syniti Knowledge Platform, Syniti Migrate starts an upgrade job automatically to create the XTVALUEMAP and LIST_TARGET_VALUE tables, the MIG_XTVALUEMAP view, and required functions.

In Syniti Migrate, access Monitor > Debug Log to monitor or view the log messages to verify the Migrate Database Upgrade process.


This upgrade job is not queued in Monitor > Job Queues.

Syniti Migrate: Monitor > Debug Log

The above screenshot displays various log messages captured during the upgrade process. Syniti Migrate executes many scripts as part of this upgrade job; however, the following logs describe a few important messages:

  • Log A: These log messages let us know that Syniti Migrate verifies the connection first and then starts the Migrate Database upgrade.

  • Log B: These log messages represent that the XTVALUEMAP and LIST_TARGET_VALUE tables are created.

  • Log C: This log message represents that the MIG_XTVALUEMAP view is created.

  • Log D: These log messages represent that the required functions are being configured in the database.

Once the upgrade job is complete, the Debug Log page posts the following log message: Completed Migrate Db Upgrade successfully.

Access the working database platform (for example, SSMS if the database is SQL Server) to verify that all data is available and ready for use.

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