Welcome to Syniti Orchestrate Help
  • 29 Mar 2024
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Welcome to Syniti Orchestrate Help

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Article summary

Orchestrate is a centralized scheduling workflow module that allows you to create, schedule and execute tasks across the Syniti Knowledge Platform and into outside applications via the SKP Connector. A workflow represents a series of tasks that are executed in a particular order and can be run either manually or automatically based on a defined schedule. Workflow scheduling for orchestration tasks is available from within Orchestrate, and for data quality implementation, rule and term assets.

Using Orchestrate, you can:

  • Create end-to-end processes that string together multiple steps, with options for pre- and post-processing, parallel execution and dependencies

  • Schedule discrete actions and tasks from within the Syniti Knowledge Platform, such as the execution of.

    • A data quality implementation

    • A replication

    • A SQL query or command using the SKP Connector

    • A group of tasks contained within an Orchestrate step

  • Easily create workflows to schedule multiple tasks with dependencies and view whether an item is part of a scheduled workflow.

This section contains the following topics:

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For details of use for this online help, refer to Basic Navigation.

For details of use for the Search filter in Online Help, refer to Online Help Search Tips.


Field and page level help are also available from within the Syniti Knowledge Platform. For details on how to use all Syniti Knowledge Platform help, refer to How to Use Syniti Knowledge Platform Help.

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