May 19, 2023

New Features


The Data Quality Overview dashboard is now available. Refer to Data Quality Dashboard for more details.


Syniti Knowledge Platform

The SKP Connector now uses a new endpoint for metadata uploads. This new endpoint is available at


Previously, when the Field Only toggle was turned on for System Objects, the fields would display alphabetically. This is not ideal since the top columns in a table often contain key information. To make the Field Only feature more useful, fields are now displayed in ordinal position instead of alphabetically.

May 12, 2023


Syniti Knowledge Platform

  • A new Connection Type called Boomi has been added to the Syniti Knowledge Platform. This allows users to connect to their Boomi IPAAS and to then schedule and execute Boomi processes via the Orchestrate module.

  • A new task type of Syniti Connect is now supported for workflows in Orchestrate. This task type allows Boomi processes to be scheduled and executed directly from the Syniti Knowledge Platform. Refer to Workflow Tasks for more details.

Bug Fixes

Syniti Knowledge Platform

Fixed an issue where metadata ingested via the API was hiding the Data Profiling capability at the table and view level. The scans triggered via the UI and the API are now treated the same way, allowing the user to profile data. [KYB-6602]

May 5, 2023

New Features

Syniti Match

  • The Parse & Standardize app has been updated to:

    • Add the concept of a project through the following Project menu options:

      • Save

      • Load

    • Include support for the default category when the category inference fails

  • A new attribute has been added to the workflow XML file for matching output tasks to indicate the type of matching result.

  • Match jobs are now supported as a task type in the Orchestrate module of the Syniti Knowledge Platform.

Syniti Replicate

  • SAP Loading via BDC template is now natively integrated into Syniti Replicate, providing users with an even more seamless experience when it comes to Advanced Data Migration & Management. With this new integration, users can easily migrate large volumes of data from legacy systems to SAP without the need for any additional tools or software. The BDC template offers a user-friendly interface for mapping data fields, as well as the ability to preview and validate data before importing it into SAP.

    Refer to the Knowledge Base article SAP BDC Application-Level Loading for Syniti Replicate for more information.

    Highlights of this integration include:

    • Streamlined data migration: The BDC template automates the process of transferring data from legacy systems to SAP, saving users time and effort.

    • Support for different transaction codes: The BDC template can be customized to support a wide range of transaction codes, making it easy to migrate data across different SAP modules and applications.

    • Configurable batch sizes: Users can configure the batch size of data to be migrated, allowing them to optimize the process based on their specific needs and constraints.

    • Support for complex data structures: The BDC template can handle complex data structures, such as nested tables and structures with multiple levels, providing users with greater flexibility when it comes to migrating data.

    • Integration with other tools: The BDC template can be integrated with other SAP tools, such as LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) enabling users to take advantage of additional functionality and capabilities.

    • Improved accuracy: The template includes built-in validation checks to ensure data accuracy and completeness, reducing the risk of errors during the migration process.

    Overall, this integration represents a significant step forward in our efforts to provide users with a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for data migration to SAP. We believe it will help our users save time and improve data accuracy, while also making the migration process simpler and more streamlined than ever before.

Other new features in Replicate include:

  • Option to select the metadata provider of your choice: You can use SQL Server CE metadata or the database of your choice.

  • Removed MongoDB.Driver version 2.18.0 vulnerability: This update removes a high severity vulnerability in the MongoDB driver, which enhances the security of the software.

  • Setup: automate build process with DataAccess build and install: This improvement automates the build process and installation, making it easier for users to set up and use the software.

  • Create new Collection group type to help configuration: This feature creates a new collection group type that can help users with their configuration tasks.

  • Syniti Replicate using SNC-enabled connection to SAP: This feature allows users to use an SNC-enabled connection to SAP, which can enhance the security and reliability of the replication process.


Syniti Match

  • When checking to see if a job is changed, irrelevant differences are ignored.

    • The Sample Groups process has been removed.

  • The following changes were made to the Match process task:

    • Enabled the business tightness option when ‘company’ is mapped.

    • "Mobile"/"Cell" is no longer treated as an alias for "Telephone" and both can be mapped.

  • Oracle is now supported by Syniti Match.

Syniti Migrate

  • When running a Specific Replication in Snapshot Management, Migrate no longer truncates the table before the refresh process is performed. Migrate executes the replication with no additional logic.

  • In previous versions, the Snapshot Management page only displayed snapshot tables that were associated with a System Datasource. Now, all Snapshot tables are displayed on the Snapshot Management page. This now includes:

    • Snapshot tables that don't have a System Datasource, but do have an associated Syniti Replicate replication. When a table of this type is refreshed, the specific SDR replication is executed.

    • Snapshot tables that exist in a Snapshot database that are not refreshed. Typically, these are views used for mapping. The Refresh icon is disabled for tables of this type because they cannot be refreshed: they don't have a System table or a specific SDR replication.

  • When adding a record that has an owner, (for example, a subject area), the current user is assigned as the owner by default.

  • Emails generated from Migrate are now sent from the address instead of

  • Reviewed all Job Queue Types for HIGH and LOW priority. For example, snapshot jobs are generally high volume but are of low priority and should not block production work in Migrate. Most other types of jobs, such as creating a target table, building XML, or running ETL must use the High priority job queue.

  • The role access for Relevancy Attributes has been updated to allow Project Managers access to create, edit, and delete Relevancy Attributes in administration.

  • The following Migrate pages have been updated to use the React Javascript library:

    • Application details (Catalog > Datasources > Edit icon for an Application)

    • Check Table Values (Administer > Advanced > Value Mapping Config > Check Tables panel > Check Table Values button)

    • Database Types

    • Datasource edit page

    • Debug Log

    • Job Queues

    • Landing Page

    • Metrics (Administer > Advanced > Metrics Configuration)

    • Metrics by Release (Migrate > Scorecard Metrics > Click the link for a Release)

    • PMO Dashboard

    • Project Setup

    • Promote Database Objects (Migrate > Working DB Object Promotion)

    • Role Management

    • Target Reports (Migrate > Mappings > Targets panel > Reports button)

    • Translations (Migrate > Column Translations)

Bug Fixes

Syniti Match

  • Fixed an issue where highlighting tasks on a workflow resulted in the inability to edit or deselect the tasks. With this fix, tasks can be highlighted and edited as needed or deselected by clicking outside the selected task.

  • Selected workflow items are now highlighted.

  • Fixed an issue with the Excel input where settings were not being saved/restored properly in the .cortexml file.

  • Fixed an issue where the SQL Output schema option was resetting to "dbo" when opening a workflow.

Syniti Migrate

  • Fixed an issue where the Job Queue Trace log reported that an import of metadata was successful when the import failed for every table. Now, if a table fails to import, the import shows a Failed message to indicate which tables did not import.

  • Fixed issues with some Value Mapping import queries for Application tables that caused imports to fail.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from downloading Rulebook reports. The report failed to save. With the fix, Rulebook reports save as expected.

Syniti Replicate

  • Escape characters for CSV files are now correct.

  • The issue of Invalid column name 'MetadataID' when fetching Agent logs on the database has been resolved.

  • Synchronization replications no longer miss changes to the other side of replication.

  • RAW fields defined in SAP are no longer returned as varchar by CData in SAP RFC Extract.

  • Syniti Replicate now stores the correct value for the DATETIME field in Parquet serialization for the .Mir files.

  • Idle Timeout Issue (72hrs+) has been fixed.

  • The 'Use Local Help' option has been removed from the Management Center as it was causing issues.

  • The issue of System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format when mirroring from DB2 UDB has been fixed.

  • Parquet issue when Transactional Info is None and Object reference not set to an instance of an object has been fixed.

  • Replication mode change now works for all replication groups.

  • Conversion issue while replicating from SQL Server geometry type has been fixed.

  • Syniti Replicate now reports errors if the target folder name on ADSL doesn't have write permissions in DatalakeGen2.