Dec 1, 2023

New Features

Syniti Knowledge Platform

The new Syniti Knowledge Platform security model is now available for new customers. This feature allows you to add users, user groups and roles to manage user permissions across the platform, all from the SKP Admin module. Refer to Manage User Security for more information.



Construct now integrates with the SKP security changes, allowing access via system-provided SKP Security user groups and roles (Administrator, Business Administrator, Viewer or Author) and Custom SKP Security user groups and roles, if designated.


Syniti Match Desktop

  • Wait connectors have been added to the Input Database and Output Database steps, allowing for a pause in the workflow until the upstream component has completed.

  • The Source and Type mapping options have been added to the Custom Column Names section in the Job Settings dialog box, allowing users to map a source or type field when data is being imported from various database systems.

  • Added support for custom column names in the output field options if they are mapped in the input.

Parse & Standardise

  • When adding a description to attributes, you can now add only a separator in the Description field, which adds the separator to the default output description attributes without requiring before and after text.

  • The indicatesCategory option has been added to attributes, allowing the attribute values to be flagged as being indicative of category and parsed out to the attribute.

  • The matchOnExtra option has been added to Category. When this option is selected, weight is added to the exported category values.


Profiler now supports Python version 3.10 on the 9.2 RHEL and Oracle Linux environments. For more information, refer to Syniti Knowledge Platform Connector Requirements and Installation.


General/Common Updates

  • Added support for Databricks that is used as a target database.

  • Added support for refresh replication with Mirroring Bulk using the File Upload method.

Replication Agent

Syniti Replicate now overwrites the target file to ensure it contains no data if a changeset is empty and an output file already exists for a mirroring replication cycle. This update applies to a mirroring replication cycle configured to use flat target files, such as CSV or Parquet files with an output file that uses the stable file name format.


Scanner versions have been updated to accommodate an update to the installation script as detailed in the SKP Connector section of this page.

SKP Connector

We have simplified the installation process by removing the installation of 3rd party dependent software. For more information, refer to Syniti Knowledge Platform Connector Requirements and Installation.

Bug Fixes


Syniti Match Desktop

Fixed an issue where address fields containing embedded new line characters (\n) resulted in an error during the workflow run.


Replicate Agent

Fixed an issue where Refresh Partitions would not complete when using different tables through SAP RFC Extraction or Oracle as a source to SQL Server 2022 and Oracle as target.

Data Access

Fixed an issue where the ASCII control characters were not allowed or processed while uploading a CSV file to Google BigQuery.