Bug Fix

[KYB-1890]—Fixed an issue where users were being redirected to their default landing page after clicking a link and logging into the Knowledge Tier. Now, users are directed to the page indicated in the link after logging in.



The Asset ID is now added to the Goals and Initiatives relationships to be consistent to all other asset type relationships.

Bug Fixes

  • [KYB-3135]—Fixed an issue where when a relationship type was added for a specific asset type, that relationship type displayed incorrectly as an option in suggested relationships for asset types that were excluded for use when the relationship type was created. With the fix, relationship types added for a specific asset type do not display in suggested relationships for excluded asset types.

  • [KYB-2986]—We have added a tooltip to the suggested relationship icon when it is dimmed, which is when the current asset is not in Candidate or Contested status. To add the suggested relationship, you must create a new version of the asset.