04/22/2021 Enhancement

We are proud to announce a new feature that allows you to create a more comprehensive view of how data-related assets drive business goals by relating terms to system fields. The Knowledge Tier maps field relationships to terms and data sets to deepen the connection between business strategy concepts and the technical resources that support them. For more information, refer to Add Fields to Terms.



We’ve added a Review History for endorsement workflows. Now, you can view how each version of an asset (Terms, Rules and Policies) moved through the review process. For more information, refer to View the Endorsement Workflow Review History.



A new version of the Syniti Knowledge Tier REST API has been released, replacing the previous version. Refer to Syniti Knowledge Tier API for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • [KYB-1973]—Previously, when you imported metadata into a system, the email and in-app notifications displayed “DEPRECATED” as the system name. This issue has been fixed and the new system name displays in the notifications as expected.

  • [KYB-2305]—Fixed an issue that prevented an Administrator from deleting a multi-tenant user where their user preferences were not set for one of the tenants.



  • The color and alignment of your avatar on the About Me and Accounts pages have been updated to conform to standards.

  • You can now cancel an endorsement workflow asset review and return the asset to Candidate status. Refer to Cancel a Review for more information.

Bug Fix

[KYB-2175]—Fixed an issue on SSO tenants where your avatar displayed as “Deleted User” on the upper right drop down of the Knowledge tier and “Undefined” on the Sponsors and Assignee lists.



To align SSO tenants and non-SSO tenants, the First Name and Last Name fields have been replaced with a single Name field on the Accounts and the About Me pages. We do not enforce any specific format for Name, so populate as you see fit. Instead of displaying your initials, your avatar now displays the first two letters of your Name.


Bug Fix

[KYB-2050]—An issue existed when selecting different assets in the search results with the preview panel open: the sponsor list appended instead of displaying a sponsor list specific to the asset. With this fix, the Sponsor list refreshes and displays sponsors for the selected asset as expected.



We've improved user-based search facets (Assigned To and Sponsors) to show 50 users maximum rather than the original 10 users under each facet type.