Week of 01/27/2023


Syniti Knowledge Platform

  • Improved the look and feel of the following pages in Admin:

    • Connections

    • Categories

    • Accounts

  • We now support connections to Oracle databases.

  • Scanner documentation has been updated and is available here: SKP Connectors & Scanners.

  • Online help has been updated with content related to scanners. Refer to Scan a System for more information.

  • We now support Metadata Scanning Usage for the following connection types:

    • Oracle

    • PostgreSQL

    • IBM Db2

  • We added Filter and Filter Conditions information to system scan logs to help verify the contents and object counts of filtered scans.


We added page-level and field-level help for our Orchestrate module, along with online help. Refer to Welcome to Syniti Orchestrate Help for more information.

Bug Fixes

Syniti Knowledge Platform

  • Fixed an issue where changing the number of search results displayed per page caused a 500 error on the Global Search page.

  • Fixed an issue where the breadcrumbs on the Subject Matter Experts page for systems did not display.

  • Fixed an issue where the Last Updated By field was not updating when changes were made to the records on the Connections page in Admin.

  • Fixed an issue with the SKP REST API where deleting a system did not delete its associated connections.

  • Fixed the following issues on the Implementation page:

    • Fixed an issue with implementations where error data that contained integer data types displayed incorrectly for report details.

    • Corrected consistency issues with how NULL values are displayed in queries and report details.

    • Fixed an issue where the Save button was disabled when users changed the implementation Method from Syniti Cloud DQ to Unknown. With this fix, implementations can be saved regardless of the implementation Method selection.

Week of 01/20/2023


Syniti Knowledge Platform

  • We added counts to the Object and Child Object tabs for systems and their components.

  • To improve the consistency of the platform’s look and feel, we:

    • reduced the size of the 0 count button on the System Objects grid.

    • made the add and remove buttons for External Reference the same size for all assets.

Bug Fixes

Syniti Knowledge Platform

Fixed an issue where breadcrumbs for the Dataset Attributes page weren’t displaying.

Week of 01/13/2023

Bug Fixes

Syniti Knowledge Platform

  • Fixed an issue where the Delete System message was not correctly displaying the asset name.

  • Fixed an issue where text in delete messages was not correctly including the asset for policies, enforcements and implementations.

  • Fixed an issue where breadcrumbs did not display on the Dataset page.

Week of 01/06/2023

We released the January updates for Migrate and Construct this week, but you may not see them until they are deployed to your tenant. Check back mid month if you don’t see these features today!


Syniti Knowledge Platform

  • Enforcement Type changed to Data Quality By Default on Creation - Rule Enforcement Type is now defaulted to Data Quality when a rule is originally created.

  • To avoid confusion with the icon associated with add, updated the appearance of the X icon used to remove assets across the application by removing the circle around it.

  • Aligned design of Admin Accounts pages to the rest of the Admin pages.

  • Add Properties to Connection Form for IBM DB2 - IBM DB2 is now supported with a connection form (individual fields) rather than a connection string for capturing the connection details.

  • Enforcements Implementation Tab - Implementation Method Filter Should Include Option 'Unknown' - Added a new ‘Unknown’ option for the Implementation Method so that an Implementation can be created without the end user knowing the method that will be used to implement at the time of creation.

  • Metadata scans for PostgreSQL and DB2

    Prerequisites: Syniti Replicate v10.2.0.12 or higher, SKP Connector v1.1.3 or higher

    Metadata scanning can now be performed on PostgreSQL and DB2 connection types utilizing the .Net metadata scanning capabilities provided by Syniti Replicate. The customer must update to the latest SKP Connector and Syniti Replicate software versions to be able to utilize this functionality.

  • Metadata scan filters

    Prerequisites: SKP Connector v1.1.3 or higher, optionally Syniti Replicate v10.2.0.12 (if applying filters to PostgreSQL or DB2 metadata scanning)

    Metadata scan filters allow for one or more databases or schemas to be specified at the point of scanning the system so that only the metadata contained within those specified components is scanned. For example, a single SQL Server instance running multiple databases can now be filtered to scan one or more of the individual databases using filter conditions name = database, value = <database name>. The filters are applied as OR clauses for the same filter condition name and AND conditions across different filter condition names.

    NOTE: Filtering on SAP Application metadata scanning is not supported.

  • Metadata scanning of empty schemas

    Prerequisites: SKP Connector v1.1.3, optionally Syniti Replicate v10.2.0.12 (if applying filters to PostgreSQL or DB2 metadata scanning)

    To support the population of target databases for the Syniti Migrate snapshot processes or for direct data replication, we have added support to return empty schemas when performing a metadata scan on a database. Previously, any empty schema was excluded from the results of the metadata scan, which meant the user couldn’t select the schema as a target for replication in Migrate snapshot management.

  • Metadata scanning additional properties for SAP NetWeaver scanning

    Prerequisites: SKP Connector v1.1.3

    To support Syniti Migrate, additional attributes have been included in the metadata scanning on an SAP application. The additional attributes are:

    • SAP_DELIVERY_CLASS (DD02L.CONTFLAG) is used to help identify which tables are relevant for Value Mapping.

    • SAP_ROLE_NAME (DD03L.ROLLNAME) is used to identify Client fields and Language Fields.

    • SAP_DOMAIN_NAME (DD03L.DOMNAME) is used to identify the TYPE of a field.

    • SAP_LANGUAGE_FLAG (DD03L.LANGUFLAG) is used to identify the LANGUAGE field on text tables.

    • SAP_VALUE_TABLE (DD04L.ENTITYTAB) is used to find the Reference Values when the check table is not clear (normally listed as a * by SAP).


Refreshed the Landing page to follow Syniti color scheme and style. The new landing page includes cards that provide links to the following sites:

  • What’s New - links to monthly release updates for Syniti systems.

  • Online Help - links to the Syniti Construct online help.

  • Construct Training - links to the Syniti online training system request form.

  • Cloud Capabilities - links to Software Support article for Construct Features.


  • Users may now include comments within the PMO Dashboard at the Milestone level to provide additional details for metrics.

  • Import Templates - the field value for Header Start Row defaults to 3 to provide proper default setup.

Bug Fixes

Syniti Knowledge Platform

Implementation - SKP Connector Assignment Issue When Editing - Resolved an issue where editing an Implementation and changing its connection caused the SKP Connector related to the connection to be dropped if opening the form in edit mode again.


Migration report methods were not providing detailed messaging in error messages. With this fix, there is a detailed entry within the debug log if the WADL Methods or in calling a ‘refresh report’ fails.