Welcome to Syniti Replicate Desktop Version
  • 17 May 2024
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Welcome to Syniti Replicate Desktop Version

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The Syniti Replicate desktop (on-premise) version, also known as Syniti Data Replication (SDR), is a data replication tool that allows you to replicate (copy) data between various databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, SAP S/4 HANA, and so on. You can perform a one-time data replication called Refresh that can be enabled to run continuously based on a schedule. Syniti Replicate provides real-time data replication using the Change Data Capture technology, allowing you to capture data changes efficiently and ensuring that data is synchronized across different databases.

Syniti Replicate offers high performance and scalability, enabling you to handle large volumes of data efficiently, even in complex environments. Using the Management Center, you can monitor replication status, track performance, and manage replication tasks.

Understand Online Help


Make sure you remember the below point while using the Online Help for the Syniti Replicate desktop version.

The information that you read under the Replicate category is common for Syniti Replicate desktop versions and higher.

Getting Started

Read the following topics to get started:

Syniti Replicate Cloud Version

To view the help documentation for Syniti Replicate in the cloud:

  1. Log into the Syniti Knowledge Platform.

  2. Access the Replicate module.

  3. Click the Page help icon in the top right corner of the Replicate module.

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