Syniti Migrate

Attribute Details

A custom attribute is an additional field attached to the Object Type of Dataset. Attributes are configured for Object Types within Administer > Advanced > Attributes. Syniti Migrate provides a list of Attribute relevant Object Types. The list of Object Types include: Application, Data Element, Dataset, Datasource, Instance, Subject Area, and Table.

Administer: Attribute details

Attributes Assigned to an Object Type

As the Object Types are updated to add new records, the section for Attributes contains one or more fields that apply based upon the configuration of these sections. Attribute fields may be of Attribute Type = Character, Date, Number, or Value List. They may support a unique value or multiple values as can be seen in the image below. The user enters a value into the attribute field, and then click on enter to set the value in place. Attributes set as Value Lists provide a drop-down list to select value from as shown below.

Subject Area: Attributes

If the Attribute supports a unique value, that Attribute can be added to the data grid of the Object Type. As example, the list of Datasets can show unique attribute values in the data grid. In the example below, the example is set as Unique and Show on Datagrid.

Administer: Attributes: Attribute Details

The list of Subject Areas include at the end of the columns, the attributes marked for Show on Data Grid.

Dataset Design: Subject Area list

If changes are made to the fields in the Attributes Details window, the Save icon activates for that object type.

When finished with edits, click the Save  icon to complete.