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Report Types

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About Report Types

Report Types may be used as a reference for the standard Report Types and later modified to add as per client requirements.

View the following page by navigating to Administer > Advanced > Report Types from the Syniti Migrate Homepage.

The Description field on the page explains the usage/ report type.

Each report may be set as an Error Report optionally allowing for Remediation if required by a click on Active/Inactive   toggle.

The Search  icon on the top right corner of the pane allows for search for a specific Report Type.

Report Types

The Report Types grid displays the following fields:




Sequence of the Report Types. Value increases by factor of 10 for each new entry.

Report Type

Name of the report type.


The description for this report type.


Toggle to set status of the report type for use. NOTEDefaults as Active.

Error Report

Toggle that identifies this report type as an Error report.

Allow Remediation

Toggle that identifies is this report may use remediated field values.

Report Types: Display Defaulted

Add a Report Type

Additional Report Types may be added to this page. Click Add icon to create a Report Type.

Report Types: Add Report Type

The Report Type window displays the following fields:




Sequence of the Report Type. (Required)

Report Priority*

Select the priority for report from drop-down list. (Required)

Report Group

Select the group for report from drop-down list.


Toggle for status of Report Type as active/inactive for conversion.

NOTEDefaults as Active.

Error Report

Toggle to identify this report type as an error report. NOTEDefaults as Inactive.

Allow Remediation

Toggle for use of remediation update as active/inactive. NOTEDefaults as Inactive.


The name that identifies the Report Type. (Required)


The description of this Report Type. (Required)

When finished with edits, click the Save  icon to complete.

Edit an Added Report Type

The entries provided as default in the system may not be altered or removed. A click on Editicon displays the details for the Report Type.

Additional new Report Types may be added and then edited.

Delete an Added Report Type

In this case, only the Report Types that are added to this system may be deleted.

If the Delete icon is active then click to remove the added record from this list. A message displays "Are you sure you want to delete?" Click OK to proceed.

Report Type: Confirm Delete message