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Syniti Construct architecture creates powerfully simple, codeless web applications, known as WebApps, with inherent business logic. It offers a robust way to dynamically design scalable and secure WebApps that complement or extend business processes.

Within the sections of this application, a user will build security for the WebApps and pages; design the pages using validation rules and checking table values; and provide the end user a process to enrich or construct new data to meet the changes desired.

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Sections of the System

Accessibility Features

The Accessibility Features section provides for every user within Syniti Construct the list of accessibility options within the system.

Application Development

The Application Development section allows administrators and business administrators (Designers) within Syniti Construct to perform tasks related to the building of construction WebApps and pages that include as examples validation and checking rules. This link also provides a list of steps that apply the RAD philosophy to build Syniti Construct WebApps quickly. A few of the sections of Application Development include:

System Administration

The System Administration section allows administrator users within Syniti Construct to perform tasks related to the configuration of this system. Users with security access level for Admin have access to the setup of Datasources, Catalogs, WebApps and Security as examples. A few of the sections include: