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Stakeholder Details

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About Stakeholder Details

Stakeholders are assigned to various object types as responsible persons to the decisions made for that object type. The Stakeholders are configured to object types within Administer > Advanced > Stakeholders.Syniti Migrate defaults with a list of stakeholder relevant object types. The defaulted list of Object Types include: Application, Data Elements, Datasets, Datasource, Instance, and Subject Area.

Administer: Stakeholder

Stakeholder Assigned to the Object Type

As the Object Types are updated to add new records, the section for Stakeholder contains one or more fields that apply based upon the configuration of these sections. To select a Stakeholder to assign, start typing into the Stakeholder field the name. The system runs a search for the letters (minimum of 3 characters to begin the search) to produce a list of values that meet your entered criteria. If the system produces a message "No Matching Records were Found", then do not attempt to save this entry, it fails.

Select the appropriate value from a list and then click on the Save icon to save the change.

These fields also have attached a Stakeholder Details  icon. To view and maintain the details of each Stakeholder field, the user clicks on the the icon, edit the fields, and then click on Save icon to complete this process. As an example of this process, the Dataset object type provides multiple Stakeholders. Each of the Stakeholder fields has access to the Stakeholder Details.

NOTEA stakeholder who is not a user of the system may be entered and saved into these fields. Once saved, the Stakeholder Details icon will be active and the details may be manually entered for the stakeholder.

Click Stakeholder Details  icon to view the associated field's details.

Dataset: Stakeholders

The Stakeholder Details window varies upon the section of the system the Stakeholder applies. In the example below, First Name, Last Name, Email, and Comments are provided from the User Management setup of this user.

Dataset: Stakeholder Details: User

Non-user Stakeholders

Stakeholders entered as free text (Not a User) display as Data Error for Stakeholder Details due to the entry not having a valid user. Click OK to proceed.

The Stakeholder Details window Provides the fields: Stakeholder, Full Name, Email (editable), Comments, and ID. Fields Email, and Comments may be updated to contain values as shown below. Once data is saved for this Stakeholder, it is retained for future use.

Dataset: Stakeholder Details: Non User

When finished with edits, click the Save  icon to complete.