Profile Objects
  • 29 Mar 2024
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Profile Objects

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Data profiling is the process of reviewing data, understanding structure, content and interrelationships, and identifying potential for data projects. All users can view profile data, but only Admins, Business Users and Authors can profile objects.

Only tables and views for a system can be profiled.


Profiling tables in an SAP application is not supported. Instead, use the staged copy of the data in the SRC or TGT working database.

To profile objects:

  1. Verify you’re in the Catalog module of the Syniti Knowledge Platform.
    Select Catalog from the Home menu to navigate to the Catalog module of the Syniti Knowledge Platform.

  2. Search for the system.

  3. Ensure that the system has a connection where the Usage is set to Profiling. Refer to Set the Usage of a Connection for more information

  4. Click the Objects tab.

  5. Click the CHILD OBJECTS button to drill down to the object you want to profile.

  6. Click the Profiling tab.

  7. Click Profile this object.

  8. Select a Connection.

  9. Select an SKP Connector.

  10. Click the check button to profile the object.

For details about a specific field, hover over the Help icon.

For more information about profiling objects, click the Page help icon on the Site menu.

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